Hold your next fundraiser with us.

You have the choice to:

  1. Choose a discount for your customers (your choice from 3 -10%) off their purchase. This will give you a percentage of the sales from the customers that have purchased with your personal code. The total percentage of the order is to be 15% split how you would like it. (I.e. Your customer gets % off and you receive 10% cash back) 
  2. You can use our pricing and you get cashback from the purchase of 15%. This will be mailed to your group at the end of your fundraiser.
  3. Place a group order of at least 10 items. We will ship the whole order to one location. You can then deliver it all to your customers. This is placed by ordering through an order sheet that you get to put together. This is best for group or bulk orders. Discount is varied.   

We accept a huge variety of causes such: as schools, non-profit groups, daycares and playgroups, sports clubs, animal care groups, youth associations, scouts/guides, social clubs (chess, dance etc), and some sites will even accept individual challengers who are raising funds privately for a charity.

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